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1.  GFP and RFP expressing cell lines

2.  PDX and PDOX mouse models of

     all major cancer types.

3.  RFP, CFP and GFP expressing

     transgenic nude mice

4.  Contract research of any type

     involving mice and rats, including

     PDX and PDOX models,

     syngeneic models, transgenic

     models, aging, diabetes,

     obesity, NASH, multiple sclerosis

     and other disease models.

5.  Histoculture drug response

     (HDRA) 3D explant culture for

     drug discovery and cancer

     patient directed research

     clinically validated by 10 clinical

     trials since 1987!

(See HDRA Publications)

6. AntiCancer's recombinant

    methioninase (rMETase)

    for methionine restriction is more

    effective than low methionine   

    medium or diet:


3D molecular structure of methioninase


Methioninase related videos

by Dr. Hoffman


Please contact AntiCancer at to purchase any quantity of methioninase.

(See Methioninase Publications)


Compare AntiCancer's contract research to any other company

Crown, Champions, Charles River, Covance. AntiCancer is far superior, proven by 1100 publications and led by Dr. Robert Hoffman,

whose 55 years of highly innovative science place him as a world leader.


Only AntiCancer offers orthotopic mouse models of cancer: established by surgical orthotopic implantation (SOI)


GFP-expressing metastasis in an untreated orthotopic nude - mouse model of PC-3 human prostate cancer

Mouse with orthotopic model of GFP-expressing human PC-3 prostate cancer treated with drug X.




Testimonial video of cancer patient whose metastatic tumor was regressed by effective drugs identified by AntiCancer scientists in a PDOX model of the patients tumor.


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The world's most scientific preclinical cancer CRO! 36 years of service!


STEP UP to AntiCancer's orthotopic models of cancer for accuracy of drug evaluation and discovery demonstrated in more than 500 AntiCancer publications


AntiCancer Founder Robert M Hoffman gave the ISOLS Lecture at the ISOLS meeting attended by doctors and scientists from all over the world at UCLA  on September 8 2022. Dr Hoffman's lecture was on how AntiCancer's PDOX mouse model is changing the paradigm of sarcoma therapy.

AntiCancer, Inc. is the world leader in orthotopic cancer models and the only company offering PDOX (orthotopic PDX) models


AntiCancer is open for business to carry out all your mouse experiments.

Nude and Other Mouse Strains Available Now!

SCID, C-57 Black, Balb C at 50% off market price.


World's greatest collection of fluorescent cell lines avaiable!

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        -> Drug Evaluation              -> Provide PDOX/PDX models


   For accurate drug discovery and evaluation use AntiCancer orthotopic tumor models. All available for contract research:

   All models non-invasively imageable with fluorescent proteins.


   36 years experience with over 700 contracts and 1100 scientific publications.


Stepping up The War on Cancer with New Technology


Learn how Dr Robert Hoffman is shifting the paradigm in cancer research.


1. GFP and RFP cancer cell lines.

2. Nude mice expressing fluorescent proteins.

3. PDOX ® Patient-derived orthotopic xenografts

          A. Letter from The Founder Robert M. Hoffman

          B. New York Times - PDOX Patent

          C. Nature Reviews Cancer PDOX paper by Robert Hoffman

          D. PDOX Trademark

          E. PDOX Book

          F. Bibliography of AntiCancer's PDOX publications

          G. News Release

          H. Bibliography of AntiCancer's drug - discovery


        I. Appointment of AntiCancer Founder Robert M Hoffman

            as Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Society of

            Precision Medicine

        J. CV of Robert Hoffman; Have the world's foremost

             authority on orthotopic models of cancer oversee your

             contract research.

        K. The AntiCancer Laboratory of Precision Medicine ( ALPM)

             Dr. Hoffman speaks about precision medicine for cancer.

             (video ) 

        L. Patient-derived Orthotopic (PDOX®) Models Available

              for Purchase

        M. Publications from AntiCancer’s CRO work for Gilead

             Sciences ,

        N. AntiCancer's 35th Anniversary

        O. Photograph of the AntiCancer Team: the world's most

             innovative preclinical cancer CRO.











 Histoculture Drug Response Assay


Ex vivo patient-tumor fragment culture


A.Radioactive nuclei silver grains,

which appear green due to

polarization microscopy indicate dividing cells.



B. Epi-illumination polarization

microscopy without bright-field light highlight dividing cells


Ex vivo tumor fragment culture shows individual cancer response to doxorubicin.


Doxorubicin concentration

Graphic responses of a series of histocultured breast tumors in the