Orthotopic mouse models of all human cancer types. The most clinically-realistic mouse models (click here).

Imageable metastatic orthotopic cancer models of all types GFP- and RFP- expressing tumors

Fluorescent protein-expressing cancer cell lines and mice. The most powerful small-animal imaging technology (click here).

Dynamic Fluorescence of Cancer in vivo - part 1:

Dynamic Fluorescence of Cancer in vivo - part 2:

Methioninase (rMETase)
Cancer-targeting therapeutic enzyme. Targets the methioninase dependence of cancers. The only known general metabolic defect in cancer.

Histoculture drug response assay. 3-D sponge-gel culture of patient tumors for identification of effective drugs for each patient. High correlation with clinical outcome. For precision and individualized cancer therapy (click here).

Histoculture drug response assay for drug discovery and individual patient treatment

A/C Diagnostics
Diagnostic kits for homocysteine (Hcy) – World’s most sensitive Hcy test (5 µl plasma or serum); world’s only non-radioactive vitamin B6 enzymatic assay; enzymatic cysteine assay for obesity propensity (click here).

Homocysteine enzymatic assay The Homocysteine Factor

Vitamin B6 enzymatic assay

3-D sponge-gel culture of human or mouse skin to evaluate hair-growth therapeutics including hair-follicle targeted delivery (click here).

Imageable mouse models of angiogenesis nascent blood vessels express GFP. All blood vessels express RFP. Angiogenesis stimulates or inhibits assays (click here).

Stem Cells
Hair follicle-associated pluripotent stem cells (HAPS cells) can differentiate to nerve, glial, and many other cell types, many advantages over iPS and ES cells for regenerative medicine (click here).

AntiCancer Inc. discovers new source of stem cells in hair follicle that repairs nerve and spinal cord injury -


Bacterial Therapy of Cancer
Salmonella typhimurium A1-R engineered to target all cancer types and eradicate them. Most promising upcoming cancer therapy
(click here).

Tumor-Killing Bacteria -

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
Cancer cells, circulating in the blood, labeled with GFP can be used for diagnosis to prognosis and therapeutic testing
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Cancer Stem Cells
Cancer stem and non-stem cells can be color-coded with fluorescent proteins and targeted for novel therapy in mouse models
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CFP Nude Mouse
(click here)

GFP Nude Mouse
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Nestin-GFP Mouse

RFP Nude Mouse
Fluorescent protein-expressing mouse models, immunocompetent and nude to color code tumor and host for visual therapeutic targets
(click here).

Stroma Mouse
Color-coded mouse models to visualize all cell types in the tumor microenvironment as visual targets for stroma therapy
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Fluorescence-guided UV-Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT)
PDT of fluorescently-labeled cancer cells for enhanced efficacy. Novel approach to eradication of residual cancer after surgery or chemotherapy
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Fluorescence-guided Surgery and Laparoscopy
In vivo labeling of tumors with a cancer-specific GFP-adenovirus or fluorescent antibodies to enhance tumor and metastasis visualization by the surgeon for curative cancer resection
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FUCCI (Fluorescence Ubiquitination-based Cell Cycle Indicator)
Color codes each cell-cycle phase. Useful for developing cell cycle-decoy and trap therapy for a new paradigm of cancer therapy (click here)