Cancer Stem Cells Publications

1.      Suetsugu, S., Osawa, Y., Nagaki, M., Moriwaki, H., Saji, S., Bouvet, M., and Hoffman, R.M.  Simultaneous color-coded imaging to distinguish cancer “stem-like” and non-stem cells in the same tumor.  J. Cell. Biochem. 111, 1035-1041, 2010.

2.       Hassanein, M.K., Suetsugu, A., Saji, S., Moriwaki, H., Bouvet, M., Moossa, A.R., and Hoffman, R.M. Stem-like and non-stem human pancreatic cancer cells distinguished by morphology and metastatic behavior. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 112, 3549-3554, 2011.

3.       Hiroshima, Y., Zhao, M., Zhang, Y., Maawy, A., Hassanein, M.K., Uehara, F., Miwa, S., Yano, S., Momiyama, M., Suetsugu, A., Chishima, T., Tanaka, K., Bouvet, M., Endo, I., and Hoffman, R.M. Comparison of efficacy of Salmonella typhimurium A1-R and chemotherapy on stem-like and non-stem human pancreatic cancer cells. Cell Cycle 12, 2774-2780, 2013.